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 Nya Here. I am one of the two admins that Zera has picked. There's not much to tell bout me, most people know me as Nya or Slander (New name) or Selinne. I've been roleplaying since i was...bout 9 i think. I'm 16 now. I'm just here to help out the site the best I can. Even though i can't stay on that much, i'm trying as hard as i can. So hope you guys like my admining. If you need anything changed just let me know.She won't be around for a while, no internet connection.

This is Midnight, the second admin. I used to go by Phantom, but now I go by Midnight- as you could probably guess. I've rolepayed for several years, idk how many. I get annoyed when people argue, so please don't. This is the first time I've been an admin, so please be patient with me. 


In the past….. They lived in a place called Tokyo, living among the people. For some good years they were hiding in peace, but then disaster struck. The vampires and werewolves were forced to move. The disaster was an earthquake that hid the town, killing lots of people. During this time, right before it hit, the vampires and werewolves were about to have a war. The war showed who was better but would destroy them all.

       The war was first created when a vampire was messing with a werewolf’s human girlfriend. It was during a dance. The vampire got really pissed off and took a bullet to the werewolf’s chest. It killed the werewolf. The leader of the werewolf rushed over and put his hands on the vampire’s neck. It all the power the werewolf had not to turn. Soon the vampire leader joined in and threw the werewolf off the vampire. This caused the werewolf to turn. She hissed at the vampire leader and yelled out “This is war” and rushed out. The other werewolves followed. The vampire leader cleaned up the mess and the war started to form.

        When they finally met in a battle field and about to strike at each other, the disaster hit. They had no choice but to run. The leaders narrow eyes, knowing that they would meet up again someday

 Now it’s the future…It is now years later after the disaster and they have moved to Paris. The surrounding is new to them, so they have been trying to get along and learn the area. They have limits on where to go and not to go which is what they need, but some day that one person is going to get into trouble and cause the battle to spark up again. And if it does happen, it is going to bring terror to the land. Everyone will be in danger, no place to hide but in your dreams. But.....there could be a way to stop it if a werewolf and a vampire and learn to love each other, maybe even fall in love. No one has ever tried but it could be possible. If it can be done, the war will end. The two sides will learn to live together and get along with peace. 



 There is now another group. They are hiding in the city. You won't know they are around till you are at your weakest. They are called the dark realiyis. They are a group of hunters that want to get rid of the werewolves and vampires once and for all so the city can live at peace. This means that the vampires and werewolves will have to come together and battle of the hunters. They have special tattoos that show who they are to each other so they know they are true but they are hidden to others.  There is one hunter that is a vampire and one hunter that is a werewolf so they can live in the group to get information, but the hunters are one group. Even though the two are part of a group, they hate being in the form. But can they do their job and not get attach and betray the other hunters or will they destroy the vampires and werewolves once and for all.


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